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Consider Cincinnati Service

Your local, professional independent agent works with Cincinnati’s field staff to put our claims service right where you need it – in your neighborhood. We send additional Cincinnati associates after a natural disaster strikes to quickly handle claims in person and to restore your lifestyle and peace of mind.

From helping you back on your feet after a claim, to helping your family or business reduce risk, they treat each service request with the care they would show a neighbor. We focus on building a relationship with you, not just completing a transaction. The result is an extraordinarily low complaint ratio, as measured by state insurance regulators and published on the Consumer Information Source of NAIC.org.

I am so grateful for the service and the quick response.

Let Others Tell You About Us

Consider what policyholders and claimants are saying about their experiences with Cincinnati.

  • From James L., a personal policyholder, client of Montgomery Insurance & Investments Agency, Inc., Xenia, OH: “After a string of tornadoes, our house had significant damage to the exterior. We were nervous about the claims process since neither of us has ever had to file a claim. I’m so thankful for the way our field claims representative and the rest of Cincinnati Insurance took care of us here. He came out quickly, explained the whole process clearly and set the wheels in motion for us to get everything taken care of without any issues at all. We now are telling all our friends and family that they should switch to Cincinnati Insurance! You’ve got a customer for life here.”


  • From Debra L., a personal policyholder, client of Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC, Dayton, OH: “This experience with our field claims representative has been incredible. She did everything to keep things moving smoothly. Her concern is to make sure the customer is being taken care of. I am so grateful for the service and the quick response.”

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Share Your Cincinnati Experience 

Do you have an experience with Cincinnati that you'd like to share? Tell us about it, or share your story with your local independent agent. Testimonials presented by permission of each policyholder or claimant. No one was paid for these testimonials.

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Find an independent agent representing Cincinnati, and together we’ll customize a specialized insurance program to protect your lifestyle, assets or business.


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